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Compare iPhone insurance (including new iPhone 4S insurance) and save money. Out of all the mobile phones in production around the world, the iPhone seems to be one of the most insured handsets; this is most probably due to the high price tag that is attached to handset itself. When the iphone4 was launched in the summer of 2010, the price tag was around the £750 area, to make things worse the high consumer demand for this cutting edge handset was so high, it was really hard to get your hands on one, with the exception of taking out a new contract with your network provider.

The price tag and lack of retail availability was thought to be the main reasons people were rushing to invest in some iPhone insurance to help safeguard their new smartphone. However, over the last few months the demand for insurance for the Apple iphone has continued, even though the device is now readily available, unlocked and sim free in many stores today, both on and off line.
We have been wondering why the demand for iPhone 4 insurance has continued to be so high, so we took a closer look at the market and have come up with the following conclusion:

It seems the demand for an insurance product for the iPhone is high due to the phones initial price tag; it seems that the price is higher than many people wish to gamble with. When you consider how many phones get lost, stolen and damaged every year, it is no wonder people decide to take the safe option and protect their new iPhone against the undesirable happening.

Now if you were thinking your iPhone was free, or you only had to pay £75.00 for it at the start of your contract, you may want to read and take note of the following. A high percentage of iPhone contracts are now 24 months in length, if you lost your iPhone in month 3 of your agreement, you would have to pay the full retail price to get another one. Your network provider is very unlikely to offer you a subsidised replacement handset, they will simply tell you it is down to you to pay the replacement cost, or claim on your insurance.

Next we ask why so many iPhone owners look on line for iPhone insurance when all the main phone retailers and network providers offer an insurance product to their consumers. The only option we can agree on is the cost that they are charging the customer is simply too high. As of the end of March 2011, the high street cost of iPhone insurance may vary from £12-£15 per month, yet a similar policy can be found online for around 50% less, all you have to do is compare iPhone insurance to benefit from these savings.

Of course there are some other avenues open to protect your iPhone without a standalone insurance product, such as a premium bank account or your home contents policy. But many are reporting some additional problems that can arise with these two methods.

It has been reported in plenty of web forums that there seems to be a £300 cap to the total value of a mobile phone with some of the premium bank accounts. So with the iphone4 still costing £600+ from The Apple iPhone Store it seems you could well be paying premiums to your bank every month for half an insurance policy for your handset.

Just to touch on the home contents insurance option to provide your iPhone insurance, firstly you may not have your own contents policy yourself, so this option would not be for you. However, if you are a home contents policy holder, you may well want to check the maximum item value cover when away from home, along with the excess fee you would be charged if a claim was to be made. Finally, check to make sure your contents premium would not rise the year following a claim for your iPhone, as some policies now reportedly have no claims bonuses in place for home insurance.

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Interesting Insurance Statistics


  • The price of the iPhone 4S at its launch on October 14th 2011 was between £499 and £699, depending on the memory size.
  • Approximately 35 million handsets in the UK are not covered by an insurance policy.
  • U Switch claim there were in excess of one million mobile phone insurance claims in 2010.
  • About 60 percent of mobile phone owners have their handset with them 24/7.
  • British Transport Police report phone related muggings have increased by over 30 percent.
  • A 1 hour phone call abroad made on a stolen handset could cost around 90 GBP if the sim card and handset are not reported missing to the network provider by the victim.
  • Important Note: Make sure any insurance policy you purchase covers you for calls made before your iPhone 4S is lost or stolen. Some insurance policies only cover you for fraudulent calls after you have reported it missing (The chocolate tea pot effect). Some of the High Street phone retailers do not offer fraudulent usage of handsets, even though they generally sell insurance at a higher price.
  • It is estimated by Lifestyle service Group that over one quarter of smartphone users claimed more than once in the past year.


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As with any insurance policy, you should always read the key facts along with the full terms and conditions, you will find these on the terms link at the top of the page, as well half way down the secure checkout page, where you have the option to download them in a PDF format, so you can keep them for future reference.

Take a special look to make sure your iPhone insurance policy covers you for water damage, as there are plenty of reports around that the iPhone is susceptible to water damage, or that’s what the iPhone’s built in water damage indicators may be reporting.

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